Sunday, 27 December 2009

Millennium Commission agrees to meet - we need your help!

The Millennium Commission have responded to our freedom of information request - they state that they cannot provide us with documents as it would take two and a half days to find them all. They have instead offered to meet us! Hurray!

This meeting will take place on Jan 14th at their offices in Leeds - This is our chance to have our say!

We Love The Earth Centre campaigners now ask for your help, we would like to voice everyones concerns and questions at this meeting and ask you to email us with your thoughts.

The Millennium Commission say they put 36 million into the project that eventually ran to a reported 114 million pounds, we are going to ask them to revisit their responsibilities as a commission and to help us revive this valuable resource for the community and the wider world.

The next public meeting is to be held on Jan 19th at 7pm at The Denaby & Cadeby Miners Welfare Club - all are welcome lets work together and reclaim reuse recycle!

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