Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Community first! We dont trust the fox to fix the chicken coop

The Earth Centre and ensuring that the community is at the heart of its future.

As you may be aware a campaign has been running to revive the Earth Centre in Doncaster as a community space and environment skill centre. Since October we have had no help or support from Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council (DMBC). Our calls to DMBC for a public meeting have been ignored and in response the people held their own meeting on December 15th 2009. From the meeting it was established that a common interest to see the Earth Centre used by the community was shared.

Our next public meeting is scheduled for January, 19th at 7pm at the Denaby and Cadeby Miners Welfare Club
– all are welcome and we will be discussing the outcome of campaigners meeting with the Millennium Commission on January, 14th and the Mayors response to questions by campaigners posed at the Full Council Meeting on January 18th. We Love The Earth Centre campaign has it own proposal for a community led People’s Earth Centre with volunteering environmental education and skill sharing at the heart of activities and this will be shared at the meeting on the 19th.

In the last few days it has come to our attention through much research that a limited liability company (RTTG) Rapid Technology Transfer Group and the DMBC have been privately making plans for the future of the site including an open day. To our knowledge this has not been publicised and very few people in the community are aware so in order that the community not be excluded again! We feel it important to share this information and urge you to attend:

Earthw rks
Development Planning 2010
First Quarter – Open Days - Tuesday, Feb 9th and Wednesday, March 31st
This is an open invitation to all organisations and individuals willing to contribute expertise to restore the site of the former Earth Centre as a national resource for researching, understanding and practising sustainability. Please e-mail mike@therttg.org to register and receive full details. Outdoor wear is recommended. Photography for personal use is permitted in all areas.

The We Love The Earth Centre campaign is concerned that this event has not been shared widely and we remain insistent that the community be put before profit and that they are involved in all aspects of planning and developing the future of the Earth Centre. It is also important to us that the site be used for grassroots development and be inclusive of all so we hope that you will study the motives and plans of this company and share your own visions.

Below is a list of partners of the company RTTG; investigate their activities and motives!! Together they are responsible for chemical, construction, aerospace, defense, 3d tech, nuclear, audiovisual engineering and much more!
Costain, White Design, eOn, Scottish Southern, Modcell, Royal Haskoning, Complete Energy Solutions, National Non-Food Crops Centre, SITEC, MTech, Pilkington, Peglers, Senior Architectural Systems, Glazpart, LBK Packaging, JCB, Kita, Holz Schiller, Saint Gobain, Beta Technology, Stramit, Hemsec, Titon, BASF, Greenspec, Green Building Store, Ransomes,Kognitiv, Polyflor, First Vision, Logix , Corus, Marmox, Balehaus, Cospica, MET-UK/Spice, Strata Housing

In April DMBC will be accepting proposals this open day is part of the RTTG proposal. For information about the We Love The Earth Centre proposal please email thereismore2lifefolks@yahoo.co.uk or come along to the meeting on the 19th alternatively keep checking our blog all are invited to contribute.

It is the aim of the We Love The Earth Centre group to bring together community to share ideas and skills and to work to preserve and protect our environment and our culture.

Love and respect.

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  1. Hi Earth Centre lovers!
    I'm not sure you are correct in calling the RTTG a 'multinational', as it is run by three volunteers, at least one of whom comes from very near Conisborough, and I think the others are localish too.
    The list of companies are not actually partners to the Earth Centre work... nothing has got that far yet.
    The RTTG are looking at lots of ideas and proposals, so now's the time to put forward a local people's solution or solutions to see if it would fit into what is already on site and what else is offered as a potential way forward.

    I'm excited about seeing what happens, not sure how much input I can give, but I love the idea of a sustainable living demo centre similar to the Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT) in Wales, which is one of my favourite inspirational places. But it's so far away! Want one in Yorkshire!!!

    What I do know is that we all have to work together to crack the problems of unsustainable development, carbon emissions, over use of finite resources and the population problem. There's no 'us and them', just 'us'.
    Yours, John