Sunday, 7 March 2010

last chance to get community voice heard

hello to all,

there is now only a couple of months before DMBC plan to take bids for the earth centre, its reported that some 30 organisations are interested, we know some of them to be the Police and RTTG. Its an amazing space and could be used to feed a community and educate many children. The plantlife and wildlife are without a voice but they are essential to preserving our culture and environment and are in abundance in and around the earth centre.

RTTG are having another 'open day' on March 31st get your invites quickly by emailing (the welovetheearthcentre campaigners are not allowed on the guest list again!) please go along and make sure the communities and the earths voice is heard!

It remains clear that DMBC has made no attempt to assist local community groups with interest in the space and selfishly let another years massive food crop to go waste. It is also now clear that DMBC have assisted RTTG for over a year in their plans to take over.

What do we know of RTTG? They have been liaising with DMBC for a year, they have now held one 'open day' at the earth centre and no one from the community was invited infact many were refused after making enquiries, the Managing Director of RTTG said he does not believe community comes first! Below is a list of partners of the company RTTG; investigate their activities and motives!! many are responsible for chemical, construction, aerospace, defense, 3d tech, nuclear, audiovisual engineering and although there are some creditable organisations amongst them there is no question most are totally dodgy!
Costain, White Design, eOn, Scottish Southern, Modcell, Royal Haskoning, Complete Energy Solutions, National Non-Food Crops Centre, SITEC, MTech, Pilkington, Peglers, Senior Architectural Systems, Glazpart, LBK Packaging, JCB, Kita, Holz Schiller, Saint Gobain, Beta Technology, Stramit, Hemsec, Titon, BASF, Greenspec, Green Building Store, Ransomes,Kognitiv, Polyflor, First Vision, Logix , Corus, Marmox, Balehaus, Cospica, MET-UK/Spice, Strata Housing

On the morning of the first RTTG 'openday' welovetheearthcentre campaigners and local residents arrived at the so called 'open day' and were refused entry, some of those local residents were the very people that began the community farm that once stood where the earth centre now stands, their project was inspired by the need for community self sufficiency and they took the initiative to reclaim and caretake land in their village (former denaby main colliery, now heavily guarded derelict earth centre) in the 90's they were visited by jonathan smales who quit his post as greenpeace director to come and build a environmental theme park on the area used at the time by the residents of Denaby, documents were signed, hands shook and the gravy train moved in totalling the existing community project and replacing it with commerical claptrap and many suits! Then when they'd had their cake they jumped ship and moved on to even 'greener pastures' leaving a legacy of debt, job loss and a community that cant access funding anymore since 100,000,000 was wasted/squandered on a fancy flop on their doorstep.

It was a sunny morning and as the invited guests were led into the earth centre for the 'open day' RTTG's nervous looking managing director offered to attend a seperate meeting at the Denaby TARA to try and console these annoyed and dissapointed members of the community. He explained that RTTG was a not for profit company that would be facilitating experiments and sharing technological ideas with the heavy construction industry, Rapid Technology Transfer with the aim to make large and small companies more 'sustainable'. Welovetheearthcentre campaigners suggested that making companies such as Eon and BASF and Costain (just to name a few of the partner companies due to benefit) would be a step in the wrong direction. They said we need to move totally away from big business and centralised power and that the industry involved (heavy construction) supported by RTTG is to blame for many environmental and cultural crimes. Local TARA representatives gave the MD a lowdown of how they were involved in the earth centre and made clear that they had seen it all before and were not about to see another bunch of suits with technology walk all over their community again! The Managing Director said that he did not believe that community comes first he spoke about the global community and urged all to understand his bigger picture, this did not have the desired effect on the locals or the campaigners. A suggestion was made that RTTG consider the community and hold an 'open day' that would really be open to those interested he said he would be in touch and he has..............

In his email to welovetheearthcentre campaigners he thanked us for getting him in touch with the TARA group and then proceeded to inform the campaign that they would not be welcome as he doesnt see us as'producing the kind of relationship RTTG had hoped for' well the feeling is more than mutual and welovetheearthcentre core campaigners want nothing to do with this type of organisation or its concept and would never condone the work of many of its partner companies - please check them out for yourself

we are a global community that we can agree on but the community that is home to the earth centre is still disempowered by past and present mistakes of big business and technological growth, they need most to have more say in their future and the shaping of the land they live upon. We are on a destructive path and more heavy construction (destruction) is not good for anything but profit for the few. As the old saying goes you cant eat money and local people should take back the right to use land respectfully to meet their needs. Globalisation loving not for profit organisations, nuclear research facilities in Rotherham, habitats and species lost and destroyed so we can build new roads to accommodate 'abnormal loads' woodlands destroyed in the name of Tarmac and tescos, isnt time we stopped this carry on!

If 'the future is made of saint gobain' and we choose companies like Polyfloor 'covering the world' and Eon (working with the police to pepperspray their customers who wont pay up) then there is no doubt we will have a lovely world of glass, plastic, nuclear waste and totalitarism on our hands. RTTG can go back to their triangular wheel as far as we're concerned we dont want them here, we definitely dont need them, we are aware not everyone will share our opinion but thats to be expected and we remain full of love and hope for all our futures.


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