Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Life grows on at the Earth Centre - come on people take it back!

On Monday, activists climbed the fence guarding the still empty Earth Centre and did some gardening. For 6 years now the Earth Centre has been closed to the community and each year a whole harvest of amazing herbs and plants has gone unattended. While the plants thrive the buildings gather dust and as community workers struggle for resources the Earth Centre resources remain locked behind very closed doors. Back in October the community pleaded with council to allow the people in to harvest the apples, they were lied to and refused so they took apple action and retrived a healthy hoard of juicy apples.

As the only people that appear to have permission to use the site still are the MOD and RTTG, community activists again took action on monday and collected roots and cuttings for propagation so they can be shared and enjoyed by all.

Oh the irony, lets get together people and clean up this corporate mess!

Ooo arr! the only pirates that play on this ship now are hairy men and women with guns boo! Lets give it back to the children of Denaby and Doncaster that helped create this space hurray!

Once Europes largest solar canopy we wonder did it ever work? it boasted 80,000kw of energy a year on top of sustaining the centre, how many people in the village struggle to pay their rising electric bills?? DIY is the future make your own energy we dont need that much really ;0)

Beautiful Gingko Trees, you can pick the fallen yellow leaves in autumn and make tasty tea which is said to have memory boosting properties and other health benefits

The conference centre below is made of reclaimed materials and other stuff! The community groups of Denaby and around struggle for space and funding, it seems really stupid that the Council would rather pay a huge amount each year to keep it closed when it could benefit so many people

Flowering Chives cover the roof of the centre like a lovely purple and green edible carpet.

The not so welcome any more centre

All around the Earth Centre are reminders of the wasted resources and utter lack of respect for the land and the people, like a bad joke education equipment is left strewn allover the area

Computers, tills, merchandise layed all over the floors - its like they all just vanished,
recycle, reuse, reclaim we say!

Below is the £75,000 woodchip burner that heats enough water to sustain the centre it sits sadly in the shop collecting dust, the local community would love to open the space as a cafe and freeshop, it overlooks the river don and many thirsty people pass by everyday.

The Earth Centre could feed an entire community and has enough life to be enjoyed by all, why it is closed to the public and heavily guarded remains a mystery to most, we think that one day its doors will be opened for the people by the people, sharing is the way forward!


  1. Our 1-Star council are a complete liability. The loss of this space and these resources - which we paid for! - is criminal.

    This site should be seen as a legacy for the future generations of Doncaster and beyond, and it's being handed to big-business on plate. It makes you sick to your stomach.

  2. dont let the bastards grind you down - the council are gagged but it doesnt have to be that way if people speak out and help each other then we can make changes, rttg or mod whoever neither of them should be on this amazing space - give it back to the community, grassroots and allow the children to be its future caretakers

  3. what is going on! the messages keep getting scrambled

  4. This is such a sad story. It seems unbelievable that such a place is not thriving with support of the council in this day and age.
    Does anyone have any hope of it being addressed with the new PM being elected who says he'll do whatever he can for the doncaster area?