Monday, 25 October 2010

FOR SALE again! the fat cats will have their claws out so watch out!

Howdu everyone,

The Earth Centre is FOR SALE email or for the sales particulars and tender form.

Doncaster Council has their signs up and apparently the entire earth centre site is up for grabs. This is yOur space they are flogging, remember community land = business opportunity! Boo!

Will the community get a look in, will the new owners give a shit, will it be for the benefit of the local community and environment or will greed get in the way again?

If you have any desire to purchase the land you must act quickly, the police, the mod and RTTG have had their eyes on it for a long time. The council has previously rejected offers of purchase from community enterprises and local businesses so lets see where this is going. Hark! did you hear that dodgy handshake! Does anyone really believe that joe public will feel the benefit of a quick sale of the site? What about the abundant wildlife and rare species that habit the space, its been derelict for 6 years and has grown into a beautiful nature spot full of food and life.

Please remember the land was occupied by the community long before the earth centre designers muscled in on it and over £100,000,000 of public funds has disappeared into the vortex that is the earth centre. Local community near the EC have struggled to find funding and support for years due to the ridiculous amount that was spent on the space during the earth centre's life, we think they deserve better.

The Land is yOurs!

Love and respect x


  1. The Earth Centre would make a great eco-village, with so many sustainable features already in place. It will be a real shame if it falls into the hands of delvelopers so they can build shoddy Barrett houses on it.

  2. thats what we always intended we have met many great people during the campaign to reclaim it all who share a similar vision to live with nature and each other in low impact dwellings having fun and resisting the system

    the earth centre is a perfect place its history is so prolific it should be celebrated by the people not business, if you havent heard of the bag muck strike please check it out it was a huge strike at the turn of the century 5000 workers were evicted from their homes in denaby the pit they worked at was the first corporate owned coal mine it lays beneath where the earth centre now stands. As a result of the strike and the brutal hardship the families endured whilst homeless and battered by the autorities mr david lloyd george wrote the welfare bill - next year is the 100th anniversary of this event and we will be sure to celebrate the people and remember the past with a big party in denaby - this is just one of the reasons that the land should belong to the people there are infinate more

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