Monday, 2 November 2009

apple action

Earlier today a group of activists took apple action and liberated a haul of delicious fruits from the abundant forest gardens at the derelict earth centre. Weeks of meaningless promises and blatant lies from Doncaster Council led the group of harvesters to take action.

This may seem like a small feat but as numbers and support grows the move to reclaim the land at the earth centre is getting closer!

Doncaster council first responded to requests to harvest the fruit three weeks ago they said the fruit was simply too 'rotten and infected by wasps'

After consecutive lies and fobbing off from the local authorities it became clear that action had to be taken, the extent of waste involved in the earth centre scandal goes deep and we are here to expose the truth and heal the wounds of the land

we met with local development trust workers that shared their experiences of the earth centre saga and expressed their dissapointment and frustration at its demise

we want local people to be proud of this space and work together to care for it without the suffocating ties of red tape and greed

we welcome anyone that wants to be involved - reclAim the earth centre!

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