Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Public meeting - people unite and have your say!

Public meeting regarding the future of the earth centre and the peoples campaign to reclaim the land and our rights to make decisions on community issues
Tuesday, 15th December 7pm at the Denaby Miners Welfare Club - see you there!
As many local people will know, the Earth Centre, a multimillion pound project funded at huge cost by the public with clear aims to be used as an educational facility for the community, has been squandered and left to rot. It is currently been used by war-game enthusiasts and as training ground for the MOD and the Police, the image of grown men running about shooting each other on children’s playgrounds and in the forest gardens simply makes us sick.

The site was closed down because it was not breaking-even. This was mainly due to the over-reliance on the project being a tourist-mecca, but also the mis-spending of money throughout the project's existence, as vast sums were squandered on consultancy fees and extravagant, unaccountable spending. If the centre had been run with more involvement of local people and less emphasis on money and big corporations, it may not have turned into the white elephant it is today.

Our civilisation is witnessing its own collapse, with new military technology that can cause freak weather patterns and more war and environmental disasters, while world leaders sit negotiating insincere deals to reduce environmental damage worldwide, we strongly feel that a project which demonstrates alternative energy systems that society needs to switch to, at both the regional and household level, is something worth sustaining.

We see the Earth Centre as a world class environmental facility for all to utilise and enjoy. We want this facility open particularly in South Yorkshire as we think that it can make a difference here the most with people given training in new working skills such as the installation of solar-panels, wind generators, ground-source heat pumps and high-tech building solutions.
The Council has refused to hold a public meeting with regards to the future of the Earth Centre. They have blocked requests from local community groups to harvest the fruit and medicinal plants and have effectively turned their backs on this opportunity to safeguard our children's future. We have a duty to them and the planet to encourage the community and the wider public to gain knowledge of the significance of new energy-saving technology and other aspects of sustainable living
The people are holding their own meeting on tuesday 15th december 2009 at 7pm at the denaby main miners welfare club. Please come along and support the campaign to reclaim our rights to decide what happens in our own communities. Have your say, power to the people, together we can make postive change!
Love and respect

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