Sunday, 8 November 2009

dont despair just do it th'sen

The land at the earth centre has been worked by many hands we remember the miners and their strength in hard times

I have visited your website and found it too be a very good guide and particularly enjoyed the documented photo's. I am part of a group that is currently working with the space on top of the former cadeby colliery, the derelict earth centre. As you may know the designers of the earth centre had a hideous party with public funds that saw a small number of already very rich people paid alot of money to create an educational space that they then walked away from and have left to ruin. Its fair to say they pulled a fast one on an already kicked community, the earth centre during the time it was open was used by many locals and also provided a significant number of jobs.

Now derelict for 5 years the council leases it to a wargame company that run about on the childrens play areas shooting each other and the police use the space for training. None of these activities benefit the community or the landscape. The council now plans to sell the site and we are not going to let them. We see that the land belongs to the people and that we have a right to maintain it and use its resources to live a sustainable lifestyle. We aim to reopen its buildings to the community groups and schools that can then benefit from what was once a valuable community resource. With the spirit of the miners that lived it deep in the pits we will not leave this alone and we invite all to show solidarity in this time of political treason and depleting landscape.

Don't despair just Do it th'sen! we welcome you all to meet at the welcome point of the earth centre every sun 1pm we're all very friendly x

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